Monday, 13 September 2010

Finally I'm Back!

Well, as the title says, I'm back! It feels like forever since i have blogged and i have missed my normal daily routines of life but unfortunately life has had to come before craft and the computer for a while, but not any more!
Since i have been away i seem to have gained a few new faces following my blog so can i say a big thank you for joining me and WELCOME to Dreamstar Diary.
So what has kept me away from the computer?
First i moved into a bigger house so my boys could have their own rooms finally and we could all have just a little more space!
It's only a rented house but there is a lot to do to make it feel home.
This is the slightly over grown garden.

And this is the house from the front. Grubby nets still to be removed from the windows!

After moving house we went on holiday to Devon and Cornwall. Always active on our holidays. Here are the boys in a massive hole they dug on the beach. They were the envy of all the other children on the beach!

And here is my partner and I desperately trying to canoe and failing miserably!

My boys and I!

After returning home and to work for 3days i got a call to say an old family member that i hadn't seen for 20years had been diagnosed with cancer and i was so distraught i flew straight out to Las Palmas, where he lives,to see him. The 3 days i spent with him i will treasure always.

The rest of the summer was spent working extra hours at work to cover staff holidays and by the time the boys returned to school i was exhausted!

But then it was time to plan my youngest son's birthday. A teenager at last. I found the candles in a shop in Las Palmas and had to buy them as i haven't seen them in England. And the sparklers made the cake just a little more special.

And after all that it is time to return to normal life hopefully.
I have missed my crafts and hoping to get back to the work bench very soon with, hopefully, some new ideas for christmas.
Even though i haven't managed to create anything new myself can i just finish this post with a beautiful hanging plaque that i have received from Wendy at 1st
Unique Gifts
this week.
It was for my boyfriends daughters birthday as she loved seeing the campervans on our holiday.
Wendy added a few flowers on her normal campervan design, at my request
so that the plaque looked more hippyish.

And just a final note to say Olivia absolutely loved it when we gave it to her yesterday and you can order your own personalised plaques through the 1st Unique Gifts website.
And tell Wendy that Dreamstar sent you!!
Until Next time xx

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