Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Craftjuice and Twitter

A bit calmer on things today. Just seen a lovely comment on yesterdays post from Gracie. She is good with words!
Still spinning in my head but not thinking about things til day off on Friday.
Once again it has taken ages but finally tonight, after several more hours on the computer, i have put a photo of my lilac wreath on craft juice. Also listed same item on folksy. Still no sales on folksy but it seems i have to regularly list new items to keep me being noticed. You could just spend your whole life on the computer trying to get yourself noticed with no time left to actually make what you're trying to sell!!
So just to top it all off advertising wise i have also signed up to twitter!!! But i can't get addicted to that as well can i?!!!
Ooh 3 votes on craft juice already!!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Massive Disappointment. What now?!!

Was so excited this morning. Was so sure that we were going to be offered the lease on the shop and then Niki phoned at lunchtime with the soul destroying news that one of the company directors/partners had returned from his holiday and had said that he didn't want the shop to be used to sell food at all full stop. So that was that. Dream shattered. Again!!
So i spent lunchtime at work in silence instead of the usual jovial manner that i have. Couldn't even really discuss it with anyone, just mull it over in my head. It is a temptation just to have a gift shop. I know we could fill it with so many lovely things from all the talented people I've met on the craft forum, folksy and craft fairs but would it be enough. First would it raise enough capital to pay the bills plus 2 wages and secondly would we find it mind numbingly boring ? So hard to make a descision on something so important. My OH tells me there are 30 shop units to rent in Rugby, but would we get lost in a busier town? My head aches just thinking about it.
On a lighter note i have cracked on with the tooth fairy pillows tonight and forced myself to stay away from the craft forum. Until now!!! Have worked out if i make 35 and sell them all that will just cover the cost of the table in Milton Keynes! Must be easier ways to get rich! xx

Monday, 22 February 2010

Weekend Update

Just waiting for the boys to organise themselves so i can go to work so thought i would write an entry in the meantime. It is teacher training today, the last day of the holidays, yipee!! I prefer the routine of a school morning. Nothing is laid back, everything is fast and out the door in time.
Once again there is a fresh blanket of snow on the ground this morning. That's 3 mornings on the trot now plus the downfall we had on Thursday. I've never known so much snow in my life. Beautiful and peaceful to look at but such an inconvenience to everyday life.
I had a busy Saturday with 124 lunches. Not bad going in the space of 2and half hours. Needless to say i was shattered in the evening. Yesterday was a lazy day. both boys football matches were called off so it was a free day. Bob and I went to watch The Lovely Bones at the cinema. I had read the book a couple of years ago so was desperate to see the film. I'm not sure whether i enjoyed it or not tho Bob thought it was excellent (but he is a strange man!!). I had the same feeling after PS I Love You. The books seem so much more detailed and you can really get into the characters better.
Hopefully this week marks the start of a new adventure. We are meeting the landlords representative tomorrow at 4.30 and hopefully will have a decision on whether we can lease the shop or not. We are also booking the Milton Keynes event 11th-14th March so now fingers to the bone on crafts with the idea of really making some money. I Wish!!!!xx

Friday, 19 February 2010

New Tooth Fairy Pillow Design

Day off today in the snow, tho thankfully there is not much left now the sun has shone all day. Haven't really done much, tho looking at the devastation of the house where i've concentrated on craft and nothing else you would think i had been busy all day.
But i have finally created a new tooth fairy pillow that has been in my head for ages but never put into practice. Hopefully it's a little more boyish than all the others but time will tell on that one. Still needs stuffing but will put on at the next craft fair and see whether it sells.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Busy Week And It's Only Tuesday!

So during a busy lunch at work yesterday i get a phone call from a lady that's organising a ladies shopping evening March 12th and got our name from someone and would we fancy a table. I go to pick boys up from my friends and she's had a phone call from someone who has seen our stall and wants us to do a 4day event 11th - 14th March in Milton Keynes shopping centre. How exciting!
Have faxed business plan to agent and now a representative of the landlord wants to meet to discuss our plans next Tuesday. The agent has advised us to tell them it's gonna be bigger on crafts than food and then, if we get in, we do what we want!
Have signed up to facebook but DOH i didn't think about the fact you should register in your business name to direct traffic to blog!!! I just made my own personal one but at least am now in better contact with 2 old school friends, 1 of whom lives in New Zealand.
So March will be a busy month with 3 craft fairs booked, possibly Milton Keynes and maybe a shop lease??? How peoples fortunes change sometimes.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Folksy Link Post and Other Daily Ramblings

Isn't it funny how you keep pressing buttons on a computer and they take you to places that you didn't know you could go?!! I was just updating my thread on Folksy with regards the shop. I pressed what i thought would be a link for the readers to click on to get to my blog and suddenly a link appeared actually on my blog!!! Too much information to absorb!
So anyway if you want to know where we are at with regards the shop (are you listening mother?) click on the post below and i think (fingers crossed) it will lead you to my folksy thread.
Why is everything so time consuming? Why can't i get round to sewing up my tooth fairy pillows!!!

So apart from the shop news it was a sad day today. We had a funeral at work. We catered for 180 people and i would say there was at least 300 people turn up! They were all packed into the room like sardines in a tin!
The man who died was only 60. He turned 60 just over 3 weeks ago and had his party at our place on a Saturday night. Apparently he was a local pub and club singer so was well known in the area. He even sang a few tunes at his party. The following day he had another party at his home for close relatives and his kids and then on the monday morning he was saying good bye to all relatives and collapsed on the doorstep and died. Just like that!!
Even though i didnt know the man i felt i wanted to blog this as i felt it was a sad but special day. How many of us could say there would be that many people at our funeral? That many people who cared? And that many people who would all know the football chant for Celtic football club and all sing together as one in memory for their friend that died?!! It was so moving that even i had a tear in my eye as i washed the pots and pans. And i didnt even know him!
On a much better note i lost 1.5lbs at slimming world tonight, yippee!! Plus i made meringues filled
with lemon mousse and slimming world sausage rolls for the food tasting session and everyone asked for the recipe as was so tasty!! (Note to self. Make sure you remember to take photos of food so can post on blog for everyone to see! Plus maybe the recipe!!)

Folksy: Talking 'Shelf Space To Rent In Northants '

Folksy: Talking 'Shelf Space To Rent In Northants ': "'IBM':"

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Yes i know i was supposed to put together the tooth fairy pillows today and i DID go and buy some lovely pink material but then i got way laid!Again!
All i keep hearing is that you have to promote yourself so i went in search of Flickr and there i stayed for 4hours!
Not to worry, the boys still got fed!
Not really quite sure what happens now my photos are on Flickr and i'm only half way thru cropping and editing but if you want to take a look at all my wares just click on the link. ( Just spent half hour working out how to do a link!)

Monday, 8 February 2010

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Well i've made my angels (tho still need hair)
I've cut out all the letters!

Material cut, ironed and ready to sew!

Now all i need to do is to put it all together!!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Creative Sunday

Left with time on my hands between the boys playing football, the thankless task of shopping and my OHs return from a squash tournament in Manchester i finally got on with a new project that has been in my head for months. I love the beads. I got them from ebay this week. Cheap frame from Ikea. And the flowers i made out of old scraps of material that i have. And the pot and hearts i bought from Lara's Crafts in 2003!! Knew i'd use them one day!

Friday, 5 February 2010

A Promising Viewing

Just a quickie tonight coz it's almost midnight and my tired eyes need some sleep so i'm bright eyed and bushy tailed for the morning. Hate Saturdays mornings. The thought of making 100 filled rolls for the bar does not inspire me to jump out of bed singing!
So we went and viewed the old paper shop on the high street today and OMG it was much bigger than we thought and the excitement returned that maybe we COULD open our own shop. First impressions were not so good as it looked derelict, with a massive hole dug in the corner of the room, broken side windows and plaster pulled off the walls. But, after the initial shock, we looked beyond the mess and we could see great potential.
So we spoke to the agent who is going to ask the landlord how he feels about a tea and gift shop. If he says yes then i think we'll be in business.
As mother says, maybe it's all happened for a reason and we weren't meant to have the other shop.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Contemplating The Blog

So i had decided to make sure i made an entry to my blog everyday and by the 3rd day i failed miserably!! But today marks another day! Spent the whole of yesterday morning at work contemplating my blog whilst making 7 trays of sandwiches for the team games for the club last night. I hate Tuesdays for this very reason and always have egg rage trying to shell several eggs for the egg mayo filling. "Egg Rage" is a source of amusement where i work, but that is another tale to tell on another occasion!
So back to contemplating the blog!! Cant quite work out in what direction to take it. Do i just try to promote my crafts on here, or do i record life in general and just make the craft an added bonus to my sheer wit and humour?
Me thinks life in general may be quite an interesting blog to stick with!
So anyway the news today is that the nice landlord of the shop that i am trying so hard to rent with my friend turned into the horrible landlord of the shop i want to rent and has offered a 5 year lease to another party. And he informed us by text!!
Trying to stay calm on all this but feeling stupid at the same time as i managed to get nearly 40 people interested in renting shelf space and was feeling quite proud of the acheivement and now nothing. Well i say nothing but we have made an appointment to view another retail unit on Friday so fingers crossed. Oh yes and it also inspired me to get going on those tooth fairy pillows. Have started 6, will post pictures at the weekend.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Never A Dull day!

Never a quiet day with me!!
Got to work to be told a lady dropped dead at a party in our function room on Saturday night. It was her husbands 70th birthday party!! How awful is that??
Then got a text from best mate informing me that the landlord of the shop we are trying to rent has given the keys to an agent to show another prospective tennant round! We want this shop badly. Have sent 4 page text to landlord, as cant get intouch by phone , asking what his game is.
Checked craft forum posts. Got invite from penine fairs to have a stall with them after seeing our stall at Northampton craft fair yesterday. Well chuffed as know they are by invite only. Need check costs first.
Cup cakes asked me for feedback of their cakes yesterday. Having been in catering trade for over 20 years i gave total honest opinion. Only hope i worded it ok.
Need to start new batch of tooth fairy pillows as sold 5 yesterday. Knowing my luck i'll have someone buy one on folksy and i wont have any ready!