Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Busy Week And It's Only Tuesday!

So during a busy lunch at work yesterday i get a phone call from a lady that's organising a ladies shopping evening March 12th and got our name from someone and would we fancy a table. I go to pick boys up from my friends and she's had a phone call from someone who has seen our stall and wants us to do a 4day event 11th - 14th March in Milton Keynes shopping centre. How exciting!
Have faxed business plan to agent and now a representative of the landlord wants to meet to discuss our plans next Tuesday. The agent has advised us to tell them it's gonna be bigger on crafts than food and then, if we get in, we do what we want!
Have signed up to facebook but DOH i didn't think about the fact you should register in your business name to direct traffic to blog!!! I just made my own personal one but at least am now in better contact with 2 old school friends, 1 of whom lives in New Zealand.
So March will be a busy month with 3 craft fairs booked, possibly Milton Keynes and maybe a shop lease??? How peoples fortunes change sometimes.

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