Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Contemplating The Blog

So i had decided to make sure i made an entry to my blog everyday and by the 3rd day i failed miserably!! But today marks another day! Spent the whole of yesterday morning at work contemplating my blog whilst making 7 trays of sandwiches for the team games for the club last night. I hate Tuesdays for this very reason and always have egg rage trying to shell several eggs for the egg mayo filling. "Egg Rage" is a source of amusement where i work, but that is another tale to tell on another occasion!
So back to contemplating the blog!! Cant quite work out in what direction to take it. Do i just try to promote my crafts on here, or do i record life in general and just make the craft an added bonus to my sheer wit and humour?
Me thinks life in general may be quite an interesting blog to stick with!
So anyway the news today is that the nice landlord of the shop that i am trying so hard to rent with my friend turned into the horrible landlord of the shop i want to rent and has offered a 5 year lease to another party. And he informed us by text!!
Trying to stay calm on all this but feeling stupid at the same time as i managed to get nearly 40 people interested in renting shelf space and was feeling quite proud of the acheivement and now nothing. Well i say nothing but we have made an appointment to view another retail unit on Friday so fingers crossed. Oh yes and it also inspired me to get going on those tooth fairy pillows. Have started 6, will post pictures at the weekend.

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