Monday, 22 February 2010

Weekend Update

Just waiting for the boys to organise themselves so i can go to work so thought i would write an entry in the meantime. It is teacher training today, the last day of the holidays, yipee!! I prefer the routine of a school morning. Nothing is laid back, everything is fast and out the door in time.
Once again there is a fresh blanket of snow on the ground this morning. That's 3 mornings on the trot now plus the downfall we had on Thursday. I've never known so much snow in my life. Beautiful and peaceful to look at but such an inconvenience to everyday life.
I had a busy Saturday with 124 lunches. Not bad going in the space of 2and half hours. Needless to say i was shattered in the evening. Yesterday was a lazy day. both boys football matches were called off so it was a free day. Bob and I went to watch The Lovely Bones at the cinema. I had read the book a couple of years ago so was desperate to see the film. I'm not sure whether i enjoyed it or not tho Bob thought it was excellent (but he is a strange man!!). I had the same feeling after PS I Love You. The books seem so much more detailed and you can really get into the characters better.
Hopefully this week marks the start of a new adventure. We are meeting the landlords representative tomorrow at 4.30 and hopefully will have a decision on whether we can lease the shop or not. We are also booking the Milton Keynes event 11th-14th March so now fingers to the bone on crafts with the idea of really making some money. I Wish!!!!xx

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