Monday, 1 February 2010

Never A Dull day!

Never a quiet day with me!!
Got to work to be told a lady dropped dead at a party in our function room on Saturday night. It was her husbands 70th birthday party!! How awful is that??
Then got a text from best mate informing me that the landlord of the shop we are trying to rent has given the keys to an agent to show another prospective tennant round! We want this shop badly. Have sent 4 page text to landlord, as cant get intouch by phone , asking what his game is.
Checked craft forum posts. Got invite from penine fairs to have a stall with them after seeing our stall at Northampton craft fair yesterday. Well chuffed as know they are by invite only. Need check costs first.
Cup cakes asked me for feedback of their cakes yesterday. Having been in catering trade for over 20 years i gave total honest opinion. Only hope i worded it ok.
Need to start new batch of tooth fairy pillows as sold 5 yesterday. Knowing my luck i'll have someone buy one on folksy and i wont have any ready!

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