Thursday, 11 February 2010

Folksy Link Post and Other Daily Ramblings

Isn't it funny how you keep pressing buttons on a computer and they take you to places that you didn't know you could go?!! I was just updating my thread on Folksy with regards the shop. I pressed what i thought would be a link for the readers to click on to get to my blog and suddenly a link appeared actually on my blog!!! Too much information to absorb!
So anyway if you want to know where we are at with regards the shop (are you listening mother?) click on the post below and i think (fingers crossed) it will lead you to my folksy thread.
Why is everything so time consuming? Why can't i get round to sewing up my tooth fairy pillows!!!

So apart from the shop news it was a sad day today. We had a funeral at work. We catered for 180 people and i would say there was at least 300 people turn up! They were all packed into the room like sardines in a tin!
The man who died was only 60. He turned 60 just over 3 weeks ago and had his party at our place on a Saturday night. Apparently he was a local pub and club singer so was well known in the area. He even sang a few tunes at his party. The following day he had another party at his home for close relatives and his kids and then on the monday morning he was saying good bye to all relatives and collapsed on the doorstep and died. Just like that!!
Even though i didnt know the man i felt i wanted to blog this as i felt it was a sad but special day. How many of us could say there would be that many people at our funeral? That many people who cared? And that many people who would all know the football chant for Celtic football club and all sing together as one in memory for their friend that died?!! It was so moving that even i had a tear in my eye as i washed the pots and pans. And i didnt even know him!
On a much better note i lost 1.5lbs at slimming world tonight, yippee!! Plus i made meringues filled
with lemon mousse and slimming world sausage rolls for the food tasting session and everyone asked for the recipe as was so tasty!! (Note to self. Make sure you remember to take photos of food so can post on blog for everyone to see! Plus maybe the recipe!!)

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