Monday, 11 April 2011

Handmade Monday Week 11 - The Kanzashi Fabric Flower

The Kanzashi Fabric Flower are the decorative hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hairstyles. Today, they are most often worn by brides and Geisha participating in tea ceremonies.For Geisha, the style and manner in which Kanzashi is worn indicates status. Apprentice Geisha wear more elaborate Kanzashi than older Geisha do, and they progress through several hairstyles where the Kanzashi ornaments must be worn in a fixed pattern. These flowers have become quite a large part of my products just recently (as you have probably noticed!). I think they make each item just that extra bit special. Very easy to make so i thought i would record each stage in todays post. Start with cut out circles of fabric. For my large flowers i tend to have 12 petals in the flower but that is entirely your choice. Take your first circle and fold in half.
Fold in half again
And again.
Next fold down one flap
And the same on the other flap
Thread your needle and pass through all sections of your fabric at the base of the petal
. Do the same with each circle and add to your thread. When they are all threaded take your 2 cotton ends and pull all the petals together and tie a knot.
Sew a button into the center. I usually put glue on the button base also to keep in place securely.
And glue a circle of fabric on the reverse to hide all the raw edges.
And there you have it. A perfect embellishment for your new bag!
This is the next bag in my collection and can be found for sale on Folksy.
As you know i also make them with a brooch back sewn on the reverse. Inspired by Carolee Crafts black and white fabric last week i went out and purchased some for myself. Looks great as a brooch.
And on Folksy this week i was asked if i could put a flower on a hair clip or barrette as i have found out that they are called.
Of course i could!!
You can find more of my flowers for sale in my Folksy shop CottonsAndDreams.

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Until next time.



  1. Wow - I wondered how these were made and that was really clear to follow!

    Yours are so perfect though, you do such a great job of them!

    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  2. BEautiful! And you make it look so easy. I bet I could make one look really sad! :) Just lovely. Thank you for showing us tho.

  3. I've got no idea what my favourite thing is - all your items this week are so lovely. I saw a tutorial for similar flowers earlier in the week and was put off because it looked really complicated, but your steps are much easier to follow - thank you! Anna x

  4. Ooooh ooooh I NEED a black and white one!!!

  5. Thank you for the tutorial, these flowers are fantastic

  6. I am going to definately give these a go _ I just love them! I am going to a shop that sells lovely fabric today so will get some and let you know how I get on! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the black and white one!! Great for sitting doing in front of the tv.
    Happy Handmade Monday
    Rebecca x

  7. Faboulous, great tutorial and what a super way to use up scraps... might have a go over the weekend.

  8. Fabulous.
    My daughter announced on trying the headband I made her, it wasn't finished yet, it needs a flower! Looks like her request has been answered.

  9. Your flowers are so beautiful and it's nice to have the story behind them. A crafter who knows what they are doing always makes it look so easy, thank you for sharing.

    Jan x

  10. So that's how you make 'em look so good. Personal fav is the black flower, but I really like the look of your hairclip. Great idea!

  11. They are really lovely and it was interesting to read the story behind them. They really add that 'something' to your bag.


  12. Love these flowers and the bag. You make it look easy

  13. wow love these pieces

    please have a nosy around my blog

    hope u like it