Sunday, 10 July 2011

Car Boot Bargains

Car boot sales have become an increasing popular way to de clutter your house and make some pocket money. As the saying goes "One mans junk is another mans treasure"
As a crafter i love to have a rummage round for things to display goods in at fairs or objects to upcycle and, in general, any bargains.
Today was a successful day for me as a buyer. I found these great storage baskets for home to house all my ribbons,cottons,buttons etc

Bargain for only £1

I've often seen crafts displayed on easels so was really pleased to buy these 2 for £1

And finally i bought this tie for only 20p. "It's a lovely tie" the man said and looked absolutely astounded when i told him i intended to cut it up!

So i washed, dried, cut it open and starched it.

Cut some circles.

And look how it turned out!! A bargain for 20p!!

If you want to see what other crafters have been up to this week pop over to 1stUniqueGifts blog where handmade Monday is organised by Wendy and proves to be a great blog read each week.

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  1. I love that flower - much better than the original tie!!

    Great bargain buys - me at a car boot fair would be very dangerous (thank god the only time I go past them is on the way to a fair of my own). I have enough stuff and certainly don't need anything but can't resist a bargain!

    Ali x

  2. some amazing bargains the flower is beautiful and what a great storage unit xxxx

  3. I love the flower, what an idea and agree car boots for a rummage never know what you may find.

  4. Love the flowers from the old tie and what a bargain you got with the storage baskets! x

  5. Wow the storage is a brilliant bargain and looks in great condition too. Good spot on the tie, its a lovely colour for one of your beautiful flowers :)

  6. I think you're a candidate for the next Apprentice - buy a tie, make a flower and a profit! Great bargains too!

  7. Very jealous of the storage at such a great price. Lovely transformation for the tie - but did you really only buy one bit of material all day?!!

  8. Yes car boots are hard to resist, loks like you got some goodies here. Well done on the upcycled tie.

  9. Love your bargains and totally adore that flower! Very impressed to see what you made from a tie I would not have looked twice at but as a flower just gorgeous!

  10. Wow lots of bargains there and that flower is amazing! x

  11. Great bargains-there's nothing better than a rummage bargain!love that flower-it looks so much better than it did as a tie!

  12. I went to a horrible boot sale recently - but you have inspired me to try another! Love your flowers. Anna x

  13. The flower is lovely, and a great way to upcycle :)