Monday, 8 April 2013

The Cheeseburger Birthday Cake

Despite my job as a chef I hold my hands up that I never really baked with my boys when they were small, so it delights me now that my 15 year old is interested in baking cakes for family and friends birthdays. This week he was attending a 40th birthday meal for a lady he works with and found a tutorial on you tube for a cheeseburger cake that he wanted to attempt to make.
For years, when the boys were small, I made numerous novelty cakes for their birthdays but none as easy and yet so effective as this one so I thought I would share some photos with you.

First he made a basic vanilla sponge mix and split the mix between  2 7ins round cake tins and baked them. He also made a chocolate fudge cake in another 7ins cake tin (sandwich tin) .
Making The Sponge
After cooking he allowed the cakes to cool on a wire rack.
Cooling The Sponge
When cooled he made some butter icing. It needed to be a beige colour and, as butter icing usually has a dash of milk in, I suggested he slightly warm that milk first and soak a tea bag in it, to release a brown colour, then add to the icing. It worked! He covered one of the vanilla sponges with the icing to form the base of the cake.
Icing The Base
Using a pack of mixed coloured fondant icing that I had bought him he rolled out the green and cut out 13 small circles.
Green fondant Circles
He folded, and roughly crumpled the edges, and then stuck into the icing around the edge of the cake base.

Adding The Lettuce
 Once the circle of lettuce is formed he placed the fudge cake on top, rolled out the yellow icing and cut 4 large triangles and stuck on top of the fudge cake with the butter icing.

Looks just like cheese!
Then he rolled out the red icing and cut out 4 circles for tomatoes and placed on top of the 'cheese'.
Looking tasty with tomatoes and cheese
Time then to put the last of the icing on the 2nd vanilla sponge.
He spread it over the sponge, covering the sides also.
Icing the cake top
He made some tiny white balls of icing and pressed them into the top sponge.
Fondant Sesame Seeds on the Cake
Then, gently together, we transfered the top sponge to sit on top of the fudge cake.
The Completed Cheeseburger Birthday Cake
How easy was that!!!!
Apparently it took him a while to convince everyone at the meal that he had made it himself but all guests thought it was brilliant, especially the birthday girl!
The completed cheeseburger birthday cake.
Many thanks for popping by, now head over with me to Handmade Monday to see what other crafters have been up to this week. Have a great week.


  1. That's amazing, he has a fantastic career ahead of him in the cake maker world I think! I'm really impressed.

  2. That is fantastic! Can't wait to see his next creation. x

  3. You have a cake decorater extraordanaire in the making there. What a great cake, no wonder everbody thought it was brilliant.

  4. What a clever idea for a cake, it must have tasted lovely.

  5. oh wow! what an amazing cake!! you must be so proud of your son for doing such an amazing job :) x

  6. This is super! Such a simple idea (albeit fiddly I should think in parts!) and so effective, I'm impressed! Did it taste as good as it looks?!

  7. That is amazing and so brilliant that your son wanted to make (and actually did!) it - I imagine the birthday girl was over the moon! Simmi x

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