Sunday, 20 February 2011

Handmade Monday Week 4

This week i have been to heaven!

Heaven to me comes in the form of my favourite fabric shop The Bramble Patch in Weedon.

If you ever want any of the fabric you see on my blog The Bramble Patch has an online shop containing all the material they sell.

So i had a £20 loyalty voucher to spend this week so i really treated myself to this lovely bundle of fabric.

Only thing is my head is now swarming with ideas of projects to do and i am now forcing myself to do one job at a time and complete all half finished projects before starting something new. So i put together the teddies from last week, plus i made a couple more so i have a collection now! I love them and they will be listed in my folksy shop over the next couple of days.

Next project i finished were the kids pin cushions that have sat on my work bench for a couple of weeks. My idea is to make a childs sewing bag and include a sewing kit, pincushion, needle case and possibly a small button bag. Watch this space for the finished article!

All sewing completed and now to try and get marketing again.
My new folksy shop CottonsAndDreams is looking a little sparce so i am attempting to add items on intermitant days this week as this keeps me near the front page with the hope that sales start coming in.

Today i have listed my old faithfuls the tooth fairy cushions. Big sellers at my fairs and such a brilliant idea. Wish i'd have had one when the boys were small instead of rummaging around under the pillow looking for that all illusive tooth!!!!

And that's all folks!!

Handmade Monday is organised by Wendy at 1stUniqueGifts ,and organised very well i might add!!

Please make time to pop along to her blog and check out all the other crafters joining in with this weekly item.

Until Next Time.



  1. I love the new range of teddies and the fabrics are LUSH ! Looking forward to seeing what your fantastic fabric mind congers up :-)

    We have lost countless teeth in our house - those tooth fairy pillows are magic :-)

    Looking forward to seeing them listed on folksy soon :-)

  2. Thanks Francesca.
    News update,i have sold a tooth fairy pillow on folksy already tonight!!
    3 Sales this week, i'm ecstatic!

  3. Nice to be able to treat yourself! 3 sales this week is fantastic!! Well done :) Loving the teddies :)

  4. Good news on the sales - may they continue for you! I love your teddies & agree the tooth fairy pillows are a fab idea.

    Thanks for popping over and joining in on Handmade Monday! x

  5. Oh boy have you been busy, you put my offerings to shame. I too love fabric ans must make a trip down to Hanssons in Sturminster, an alladins cave of all things sewing. Love the teddie's

  6. I am loving the teddies!!! well done :D

  7. Aww those teddies are so sweet.

    And well done with the sales! Hope the new items go down a treat. Great news.

  8. Well done on the sales this week though - long may it continue :-) * applaudes *

  9. The teddy bears are adorable, and I love the idea of kids sewing kits. When I was still teaching, I was very sad that when I asked what hobbies or crafts my students did I got a blank look, or they said, (and I am NOT kidding) "Chatting with my friends!" as if that was a hobby or craft!
    Your stuff is so lovely.

  10. My daughters words regarding your teddies were, "aww they are so cute", I have to agree with here. I admire your patience, have done a little sewing but could never make anything like these. Well done on the sales

  11. Thank you so much everyone, i appreciate all the positive feedback from you all x

  12. Hope you get lots of sales with the teddies they are so cute and the colours are so fresh. I think if I lived anywhere near a fabric shop I would be skint..............oh hang on I am with all the beads that I buy :).