Friday, 11 February 2011

Waving ByeBye To My Teddy Finally!

Pink Teddy with Stars
Originally uploaded by dreamstar1904
I know i should be ectastic that i received a sale on Folksy today but at the same time i feel a little sad : (
This little ted was my last of the original 3 i made last year and has travelled to each craft fair i attend and lovingly packed away at the end. She is my avatar on the craft forum and this week have put her photo on my new business cards i have ordered.
I love her.
Having said that it feels like the start of something new today and i will pack her up and send her off to someone who will hopefully love her as much as i have.

Now time to create some more i feel .



  1. Ah bless you! She is a cutie though - i'm sure she will be loved in her new home.Marie x

  2. Aww, new beginnings xxx

    P.S. Elizabeth loves hers :)

  3. Hello
    The things you make are lovely, I'm not surprised you are sad to say goodbye to this bear.
    I have given you a Stylish Blogger Award, please take a look at my blog for more information