Monday, 28 March 2011

Handmade Monday 9 - Looking Back Over The Years

Welcome once again to Handmade Monday organised by Wendy of 1stuniquegifts where clever crafters join together to share stories via their blogs. Having spent this week attempting to finish all my bags and failing miserably i tried to think of something different to share with you this week and i thought of looking back at other crafts i have tried over the years. Ever since i was a child i have always been making one thing or another ,as i guess most of us crafters have, usually as presents for family. I love to try anything but dont always have a lot of patience if things dont turn out right straight away. When i left college many years ago it took me a few months to get a job so my mother and i got into decoupage. We didnt make cards though, we did pictures on tiles and plates and personalised them with letra set letters. We cut all our pictures from wrapping paper and covered with a plastic covering. All seems so basic now especially after seeing ,at the NEC this week, all the latest equipment for card designing. Please excuse the photos as they are 25 years old and not that clear!! We booked a christmas craft fair at our local civic hall in Kent, there didnt seem to be so many events in those days and the novelty factor brought in so many visitors. I can remember us having crowds round our table, it was a fantastic feeling and we sold loads.
A few years later i had my first son and took a year off work and got into salt dough for something to keep me occupied.

Again i got transfixed by it and built up a massive stock of wall decorations, kids mobiles and clown name plaques for kids bedrooms. The plaques especially sold well but after about a year i gave up when, at a school fair, i overheard a child saying to his mother "oh we did that in school this week. It's easy!"
A couple of years later i bought a felt picture hanging kit. I loved it so much when i finished i knew i had to make it my next project! Only did one fair with these and sold what i'd made plus a few decoupage bits provided by my sister. (Once again please excuse the quality of the photo)
So by this time i had 2 small kids and a full time job cooking and i turned my attention to novelty cakes, mainly for my boys birthdays.

This forever friends teddy on an armchair i made 2 or 3 times for different women, i loved making it coz i loved the end result.
Mr Potato head was quite a funky one.
And i was really proud of this one though it took ages making each footballer. And that little boy isnt so little now and nowhere near as cute!!
And just to finish off i would like to share with you the only wedding cake i have ever made and am extremely proud of.

It was for my bosses daughter and was really nerve racking to make as it obviously had to be perfect for her and would be viewed by 100 people.

Each flower on top was individually made and if you look closly round the outside edge i tried a sort of lace effect and each piece made and stuck on individually.

It's lovely looking back at things but even better to look forward as there is still so much to learn and achieve. Cant wait!

Thanks for popping by and if you have the time please pop by Wendy's blog to find out what other crafters have been up to this week.

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  1. How fabulous to look back at all your previous crafts - I too went through lots of different creative things before settling on the peelable window decorations I make now. I don't know that I would be brave enough to share my old pics though!!

    Ali x
    Ali's Craft Studio

  2. Those cakes are amazing. The Wedding cake is to die for. I can't believe you managed to hand make all of those flowers! Such an achievement. Thanks for sharing your past makes. A great post.

  3. What a lovely post! Interesting to read about your different crafts and your cakes are amazing! x

  4. What a lovely post, means we get to find out a little bit more about you. Hope you were proud of that wedding cake, you should have been

  5. Enjoyed the post, and agree ... its easy to get hooked on new crafts. Love the teddy cake.

  6. I loved reading this post - it's fascinating looking back at what you've done. I've also dabbled in a bit of everything!

    Thanks for sharing this with us via Handmade Monday x

  7. It's great to see all these photo's Lisa :) Everything looks fab, but the cakes are excellent!!

  8. You're certainly a very talented lady!the cakes are amazing and must have taken a great deal of patience.Lovely to hear more about your creative path:)Cassandra xx

  9. Loved reading what you have been up to. Never sold anything on a stall but have certainly had a go at about almost everything in the past. Thanks so much for becoming a follower and I have done the same with you as we both seem to have followed similar paths. I look forward to getting to know you better.

  10. I think it is good to look back over the years and you have achieved a lot, love the novelty cakes

  11. Thanks for sharing all your various crafts with us - lovely post! The football cake is amazing - I see ten players - presume the birthday child is the 11th! Nancy

  12. What an interesting post and collection of photos. I love the armchair cake x

  13. Great blog post - those cakes are amazing - you must have some patience. I couldn't believe the plaques you did of Betsey Clarke - she is my all time favourite and I scour e-bay for any Betsey Clarke memorabilia (can usually only get it in America though). Made my day seeing that her designs are so cute! Well done you for sharing those old piccies (I think I would have had to accidentally trip that little boy up!!!!) LOL
    Happy Monday
    Rebecca x

  14. Great blog post, love the old photo's and I can see why you are proud of the wedding cake, it looks so scrummy.

    Jan x

  15. It was interesting looking at your past work and reading about the various crafts you've done. I like all crafts and looking at any of it and so I can't choose what I like best of's all very good.

  16. What a fabulous post, I love looking at old photos. You really are a true crafter and possibly tried every craft. Love the cakes, they are amazing.
    Hugs Sue x