Monday, 21 March 2011

Handmade Monday Week 8 - Bags, Fabrics and Cushions

Welcome to week 8 of Handmade Monday run by Wendy of 1stUniqueGifts. I feel quite a sense of achievement to still be joining in with the challenge of weekly blogging and still being spurred into keeping up with my sewing because of it.
Have to admit failure on The March Hares listing club on Folksy though, managing only to list for 5 days of the month!!!! Maybe try again in April!!
So this week was a positive sales week for me. If you popped by earlier in the week you will know i did a fair on Tuesday at Blooms Garden centre in Rugby and did really well. 4 bags sold and i now have 5 on order so a lot of sewing going on in the evenings after work at the moment.
Before doing anything new this week i finished off a bag i had been making from some left over William Morris fabric i had from a customers order earlier in the year.
As yet i havent put flowers on the front as i'm not sure they will look as good on this fabric and am wondering whether to try a small bow instead. As that bag was finally finished i visited The Bramble Patch and spent rather a lot on fabric!! It probably is a much dearer way of making things when i only buy by the quarter but it means i can always keep fresh with different designs and colours rather than mass producing the same product all the time and getting bored by what i do.
So i got some more dotty and daisy fabric but also some blue, red and even pink corduroy.
Preparation is the boring part so i cut, pinned and sewed darts in all of them at the same time, and also the linings.

Then the best bit, sewing them together!!

So that's the bases done and next job this week is to do all the pelmets.
As well taking all my new stock to the fairs last week i took some of my old stuff as well and put on at a bargain price just to destash.
Among these items were the bolster cushions i made a couple of years back for kids. Filled with small polyester beads they are brilliant cushions for kids, especially on long car journeys.

And i did well and sold half a dozen and even had a lady asking if i could make her one in chicken fabric, which i have!!

Now to clear up the mess on the floor!!!

Thanks for popping by and dont forget to pop by 1stUniqueGifts blog and see what other clever crafters have been up to this week.
Until Next Time.


  1. Love that bag!

    I would have a nightmare with all those little polystyrene beads!

    Ali x

  2. Love the William Morris print bag and think a bow would be good. I am off tomorrow to purchase just a small quantity of fabric, lol if you believe that, only go twice a year so have to make the most of the opportunity.

  3. All your fabric choices look lovely. I always wish I was vaguely competent with sewing so that I can go and buy lots of fabric! Glad you've got lots of orders coming in. Anna x

  4. I love seeing all the bags cut out ready to sew. Makes me want to dive in and get stuck in! Lovely bags, no wonder you're busy.
    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  5. Well done on all the sales :)
    I love buying fabric and just looking at it for age before I cut it up or put it in the cupboard .. I think I'm a bit strange hehe.

  6. It's great to hear how well things are going for you. Looks like you'll be staying busy!!:)

  7. As I've said before those bags are gorgeous and I just love the flowers you make for them! At the moment I'd say stick with flowers but then I haven't seen your bows - no doubt they're just as good.
    Also love the bolsters - always a good idea to have a few cheaper items on your stall especially if it helps to de-stash. So pleased the fairs went well and may they continue to do so!
    Happy Handmade Monday
    Rebecca xx

  8. Awww if you were a tidy crafter I would have to send of my "untidy" fairies to pay you a visit and send you some of my mess :-)

    Glad you managed to sell some of your destash stock though and looking forward to seeing your plethora of new bags :-)

    Francesca x

  9. Congratulations on the sales and custom orders. In the current economic climate it makes good sense to have something a little cheaper to offer. I know what you mean about doing the same think over and over, I much prefer to make one off items and it also makes them a USP

  10. Your fabrics are so gorgeous - I like the kid's cushions - good idea for travelling as you say! Nancy

  11. What lovely cushions :)

    Kimberley x

  12. Ooh, what a fab ahve been very busy! Thanks so much for popping by my blog and for your lovely comment xxx

  13. The bag is gorgeous - a flower on it will carry on the design on the bag. I love fabric shopping to but can get carried away.

    Glad you had a good time at the fair.

  14. What fabulous fabrics - am pea green with envy!