Monday, 2 May 2011

Handmade monday 14. A catch up on projects

Welcome to this weeks handmade monday, week 14 organised by wendy of 1stuniquegifts.
More photos than words this week as i'm tired from a long day at work. (My excuse and i'm sticking to it!!!)
So i just want to share with you what i have been working on for the past 2 weeks.
I have put my flowers onto hair clips and extended the leaves to come out of the sides.
Red & White Kanzashi Flower Barrette
Lilac Kanzashi Flower Barrette

A new denim bag for a lady at work.
Blue Denim Bag with Kanzashi flowers
Loads of pen cases which seem to be becoming my most popular item at fairs at the moment.
Pen Cases
My new project for this week from my new Tilda project book which i will share with you more later on in the week. They look great in plant pots.
Tilda Bird Houses
And finally one of the men where i work was moving in with his girlfriend and wanted to give her a moving in cushion which marked the date they had their 1st home. He chose the design from one of my books and chose the fabric and she absolutely loved it!!
Commissioned cushion for New Home
Short and sweet, thanks for dropping by and please check out what other crafters have been creating this week at Wendys Blog
Until next time


  1. The cushion is fantastic! I adore the first flower sooo striking! Great colours on the pen cases too, I think they'll sell fast!

  2. Woohoo! The barettes look fantastic. I am contemplating a pair of Kanzashi earrings but am waiting for some silk to arrive :)

  3. Fabulous as always. I love the idea of a keepsake cushion. Frances

  4. Just fabulous! Always love your flowers, love the Tilda houses and totally love that cushion - excellent "new home" gift!

    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  5. Flowers look fab :).......and who said romance was dead the blokes GF must be over the moon.


  6. Everything is so pretty, so well made, the colors are delightful and I'm just still in awe! I love the little things to go in plant pots, those are amazing! Wonderful work. Wish the UK and the US were right next door. I would love to be able to come to some of the Craft Fairs.

  7. Gosh 6 handmade mondays! I love the idea of the cushion and it looks great such a lovely gift, functional and decorative. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog

  8. The denim bag looks great, all the colours you have used look lovely. Thank you for sharing your wonderful makes.

    Jan x

  9. Red flower, love the red flower. I want to learn how to make these, they are sooo amazing. Might even cost me less in artificial flowers for this wedding.

    I think your pillow is cute too!! Lovely work as usual.

  10. These are lovely as usual. So professionally done -and the cushion - I just love it. What a wonderful present to give -what a thoughtful man to choose the design and pick out the fabric too!
    Hope you are well
    Rebecca x