Monday, 23 May 2011

Handmade Monday Week 17 - A Nervous Commission

It has been a busy week for me this week and a rather nervous one.
I had a lovely surprise in my Folksy inbox last weekend when a lady messaged me saying that she had purchased a bag a couple of weeks ago and loves it so much that would now like one exactly the same but double the size and could i do that?

Yes of course i said, quoted a price and got to work on a pattern. I doubled the length and width of the bottom and straight away went into panic mode, it looked enormous!

But i continued and doubled the pelmet size too.

I cut and stitched the base.

Prepared the pelmet.

Sewed and attached longer ,wider straps.

Then panic set in more! It seemed enormous, what was i to do? So much easier when the customer sees and buys.

So i decided to take photos before doing the final sew and email the customer.

I felt that you still couldnt see just how big it was so i took another putting one of my bags beside to show the difference in size.

I nervously awaited a reply and PHEW she replied that it was perfect!!!!!

So i stitched it all together, added my famous trait of a flower.

Then listed and she bought straight away!

With that out the way i turned my attention to trying a new bag. A basic design but very pretty.

Little girls will love this one.

And now to turn my attention to preparing stock for this weekends fair. Held in the gardens of Castle Ashby in Northampton and organised by "The Anns" of Pennine fairs i am really looking forward to this one and hoping to do well.

Mobile phone cases are a good seller.

So i've cut out loads ready to sew.

These pen cases are also a good seller, ideal for your handbag.

So i've made loads of them and now need to attach the flowers to finish them off.

And finally my new bag charms are also proving to be really popular.

So i have flowers everywhere!!!! And also some butterflies too! I think there will be a real summery feel to my stall this time.

Thanks for taking time to pop by and if you want to see what other crafters have been up to this week pop along to 1stUniquegifts blog and follow the links.

Until next time



  1. Did she let you know why she wants it so large? I couldn't see why you were nervous until you put the other bag on top!

  2. She said she carries a lot of junk around with her!!

  3. What a beautiful bag - love all the flowers, they look great as bag charms.

  4. You have been very busy I hope you do very well at the fair this weekend The flowers give the items something different they are lovely xxx

  5. The large bag would be great for holidays to the beach, it looks really good. Love your other 'makes' too. Are the pen cases wide enough for glasses, I use a soft case for my sunglasses so that could be another idea.

    Jan x

    ps.... I'll message you tomorrow :o)

  6. That's a lovely bag, not surprised she snapped it up straight away. I know what you mean about being nervous with commissions, they can be abit nervewracking can't they!

  7. I always enjoy your sewing, love the little butterflies. Too cute.

  8. Commissions are always nerve-wracking if you're not sure you're making exactly what they want! Glad it went well! Thanks for taking part in HM x

  9. Commissions always make me happy to receive but trepidation to ensure you have done what they envisaged, I am sure she will love it.

  10. Great work as always and looking at your stash of stuff being made for the weekend, you have a busy week ahead!

    I am doing a couple of extra large versions of my window designs as commissions and fully understand this post - everything seems massive!

    Good luck at the weekend.
    Ali x

  11. What a lovely surprise to get the commission! Looks great too. Looking foward to seeing all that lovely stock!

  12. Gorgeous bag, its so bright and summery. Th bag charm is so cute.


  13. Found you from craft forum - these are beautiful!

  14. Can you contact me as I want to ask you a question, and I can't find your e-mail address on your profile. Thanks