Sunday, 16 January 2011

And The Theme Is Red!

A belated Happy New Year to you all.
I had hoped to be back here sooner after the festive season but unfortunately my "proper job" has been keeping me rather busy and away from creating.
But today i am back and have decided that this week will be dedicated to the colour red as that seems to be the colour that surrounds me at this present time.

I've been thinking a lot about valentines and mothers day gifts at the moment. I've never really targetted events before in my designs but feel that maybe this is the year to start.
Firstly i've been working on some photo frames. I worked my design in patchwork first and then proceeded to glue the fabric to the frame.
My second attempt i added padding between the frame and material which i think worked a lot better.
Before i can put these for sale tho i need to work on the reverse of the frame as it looks slightly messy at the moment!
For mothers day especially i've been working on this decorative cushion in my spare time this week and finally put the finishing touches to it at 2am this morning!!!
This is the first time i have done applique but i'm pleased with how the letters have come out.
Ive also never done patchwork on a machine before either and have always used the traditional method of wrapping squares of fabric around cardboard templates and handsewing each square together.

Also targetted at mothers day is this red pen/pencil case which can be personalised to suit the individual.

Making an appearance also this week in my red theme is this white and red spotted felt mobile phone case which is brilliant for protecting your phone and also so much easier to search for in your handbag!
Once again i can personalise these on my excellent Janome sewing machine.

Well that's all of MY makes but i'd love to show off the cushion that my sister made for me this christmas. I was so shocked when she said she had made it. I love it! Trouble is i now want 3 more!!

And finally to end this post i want to share with you one of my favourite ornaments. Despite it being rather christmasy i have it on display all year round because it's too lovely to be packed away.

Until next time

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