Monday, 31 January 2011

Handmade Monday

Welcome to my first Handmade Monday which is a new, regular feature that has been set up and organised by the lovely Wendy of 1stUniqueGifts
If you are a regular of my blog you may remember i purchased a lovely campervan plaque from Wendy during the summer and i am a massive admirer of the work she does.
So the idea is that each participant makes something new each week and shows it off on a monday on their blog. They can also show things that maybe they are working on or even lovely photos of how messy their craft area is!!!!!
Everyone will have a link in their post back to Wendy so you can pop by and see what she is up to and while you visit her blog you may want to check out the links she has to all the other participants.
Hopefully that was all understood!!
So for my makes this week i'm incredibly proud to show off my first ever bag. My sister bought me the kit from my favourite fabric shop The Bramble Patch for christmas .
I started it a week ago and did bits here and there. Finally, after rushing out for more cotton, i sewed the last piece in place yesterday morning.

I made a mistake sewing up the pelmet so i made one of my favourite fabric flowers with a gorgeous metal heart button to cover the mistake up and was really pleased with the result.

And to finish off and accessorise this lovely practical phone case in matching material.

I love the bag so much that i will be attempting more very soon to maybe add to my new folksy shop CottonsAndDreams.
Looking forward to doing this all again next Monday.
Until then


  1. Very pretty love the pattern of the fabric

  2. I love the bag and the flower looks great on it. Well done!
    The phone case is fab too :)

  3. Oh my god I love that! How clever. Bags are something that I have a fear trying to make!

    Love it!

  4. Oh my sewing skills could never amount to a bag, I am so impressed. Loving the phone sock

  5. Thatis just fantastic I love the colours and if you hadn't said you'd made a mistake nobody would have been any the wiser. The flower really sets it off and looks like it should have been there in the first place.

  6. I love the phone cover . . countless times I have dropped mine though !

  7. Ohh that flower looks fantastic. Wish I could make something like that. So cool!

  8. visiting shop now!!!!! i have 272 bags and i need some of yours to add to my collection me thinks!!

  9. Beautiful! Absolutely LOVE the flower! :)

  10. I love your work - and that flower is amazing! I didn't realise the plaque I made was for you! Or maybe I'd forgotten?

    Thanks so much, anyway, for taking part in Handmade Monday! Hope to see you again next week! x