Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Conclusion Of Milton Keynes Craft Fair

Well Sunday ended up being our saving grace. We seem to do better on quieter days, now how does that work?!!
Still plenty of people about which was a pleasant suprise. First couple of hours were bad then things certainly picked up. I had to go for a toilet break about 1pm and, on my return, found an excited Niki. Apparently a man had purchased a memo board, doorstop , hanging heart, wreath, pot lady and 2 pin cushions!! 3 of the items he wanted personalised so said he would return at 4pm to collect. 4pm came and went. At 5 the fair finished and by 6 we were packed and ready for the off, and still no man!! What do you do? He had paid £50, why wouldn't he return?
Have informed customer services and hope he gets intouch. Feel so guilty having his money.
As well as his purchase we had a few more which, as i said in the beginning, was our saving grace of the 4 days.
I dont feel entirely down about the experience. I wouldnt do it again but glad i tried it. I now look forward to our next event on April 18th and hope that it will be more successful.


  1. A double whammie then, a good fair and fifty quid bonus too, can't be bad. Well done

  2. Craft Fairs seem to be so hit and miss at the moment don't they? We have to try them out just in case they prove to be a good idea. Even though your customer didn't pick up, what a lovely sale though - well done


  3. Update on missing man. Apparently his daughter fell and cut open her chin so he couldn't return though has now sent us money to cover postage of the items. I feel much better now