Friday, 19 March 2010

New Heart Wreath

I have been reading craft forum posts on taking photos and trying to learn from them but finding it all hard work. Today i bought a roll of white paper and taped it onto one of my chairs and moved it out into the garden. Took a few photos but have only loaded a couple on flickr at the moment. But i dont get it. The background looked crisp but the wreath pale so i pressed auto fix and the wreath turned a vibrant pink and the background a dirty grey colour. Comments on this gratefully received please.
Despite this i have submitted my cupcake wreath on craftjuice and also listed on Folksy so feel free to vote. I notice it has 4 votes already, not bad eh?!!
Did our 1st school fair today. Took a few quid. Not much but at least it filled a couple of hours and i got to meet Selina from the craft forum.

1 comment:

  1. Love the heart wreaths, sepecially the pink one - very shabby chic. I am working on one of my own at the moment but using card stock as I'm into papercrafts. Will send you a pic or will try and post iton my blog. LOVE your work. Well done you.