Friday, 12 March 2010

Milton Keynes Craft Fair

Well the time finally arrived and here is our stall at Milton Keynes craft fair. Set up right in the heart of the shopping center this is an ideal place to reach a massive audience. Apparently around 450,000 people use the shopping center in a week.
Our pot people.

The tooth fairy pillows.
And so the fair started. I'm a little confused as to what a "craft" fair is. I always thought handmade goods but our neighbouring stall buy all their bags, jewellery, scarves and ladies clothing wholesale. The Italian couple opposite are selling knives, cutlery, and needle threaders!! The man further down has wooden animals which are so definately imported. Then there's national trust, Phoenix cards, Forever living, to name but a few. but at least we know that we are the real deal.
Thursday apparently is known as "slit your throat day" , well if that's the case then i'm naming Friday as "hang yourself day!"
It's not the organisers fault, there are plenty of people but they just arent spending. Dont get me wrong we have managed to sell, just not enough yet. It's a long day and you are so tired at the end. You eat more coz you're bored and it's really cold despite being indoors.
Despite all this i would like to introduce you to a couple of stalls that i love.
First here's Muggins Pottery
I love all his items.

Secondly i call her the pot lady. Sherwood Garden Features have the gorgeous people made out of wood and flower pots. Apparently they are a very popular stall and always sell well at these events

So let's hope Saturday will not have to be labelled "shoot yourself Saturday!" and that the people come in their droves and spend spend spend!!!

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  1. Best of luck for the weekend and I hope you enjoy the occasion...remember keep smiling!!

    I know what you mean about all the non-handmade items. I have started putting a sign on the front of my stall saying 'Handmade by xxx in xxxx' and have noticed people actually stop and say 'look these are handmade' what were they expecting???