Sunday, 14 March 2010

Saturday At Milton Keynes

It's not good news unfortunately. Thousands of people were around today. Literally thousands. But we did badly again.Maybe we are more of a christmas product or just better off at proper "craft Fairs". But if you don't try these things you will never know will you?
To me it seems that people were out shopping and stumbled across the fair so popped by to have a browse. And browse they did!!! I don't think we are the worst off. One stall packed up and went last night, at least we are persevering to the end. As far as i'm concerned every penny counts now!!
We are experimenting today as it's the last day and we have changed our table from an "L" shape to straight. It means we bring the doorstops forward more as they are our best seller alomg with the tooth fairy pillows. It means that people cant touch the wreaths on our back wall now, though we have put a couple out on the table. Am expecting a quiet day today as it's Mothers Day but we shall see.

Todays pictures are of some origami that a very funny guy was demonstrating to everyone yesterday. He was quite a showman so i felt he deserved a mention here. He was there promoting artworksMK . As i understood it they do artist led workshops, exhibitions and events.

All items were made out of old envelopes amongst other stuff. Talk about recycling!

Final report of the weekend either tonight or tomorrow. Depending on how tired i am!!!!

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