Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Birthday Pressies

Just a quickie tonight to say what a lovely birthday i had and LOOK what i got! My boyfriend bought me a sewing machine and what a lovely suprise. The past year i have used a tiny cheap machine to produce all my wares and have been looking round for a few months trying to decide what to replace it with. This model is a Janome 4100. There are 99 stitch combinations and it includes letters as well so i will be able to personalise items now. It also has a memory so i can do a row of 4 different stitches just by programming them in. I'm soo in heaven, it's gorgeous. Time now to get back on to some new designs maybe.
As well as the machine i got some other lovely bits and pieces.
Below is a photo of a pot lady and wheelbarrow that my best friend bought me. We came across these lovely garden ornaments at the Milton Keynes craft fair a few weeks ago. Just flowers to buy now!

And lastly my birthday cakes. A lady i work with made these. She has developed quite a talent hasn't she?


  1. Love your new sewing machine Lisa. What a great gift to receive!

    I had to chuckle that the photo you have taken makes me think there should be some angelic choral music playing in the background - it has a halo!!

    Happy sewing...

    Ali x

  2. so envious of your sewing machine bathed in sunlight. Cakes look good to. x

  3. You'll love that machine - I have a Janome too - but not quite as fancy as yours!!! Have fun!

  4. Ooooh a new machine to play with! I am going to have a go at making a dress that I cut out ages ago this weekend, having made a couple of bags last weekend. Have fun! x