Sunday, 18 April 2010

A Busy Weekend

It's my birthday tomorrow but the celebrations have already begun!!
Friday, the boys and i took a trip to Hungerford to have lunch with my mum as a birthday treat. It was a gorgeous sunny day by the canal and just how people should spend their day off from work.
Saturday was a disaster at work when i was left alone in the kitchen due to the main cook having a days holiday and my Saturday girl being sick in the loos!! And boy was we busy! Fortunately the stewardess saved the day and came down to help make the salads and snacks.
A very speedy clean up today after service and my man and I jumped on a train bound for London's West End to watch the popular musical Sister Act at The Palladium.
Wasn't sure about it when it first started but after about 20 minutes it really picked up and ended up being absolutely brill.
I did laugh when i saw 2 nuns in the audience. Yes REAL nuns!! Didn't see them smile much though!
After a walk around a very lively Covent Garden and Leicester Square we came home to reality.

After a few hours sleep it was time to set off for today's craft fair. Quite exciting today as we were using our new grid wall display for the first time.
The day didn't start off too well when we got caught up in a queueing system for unloading our vehicles. Having lost time we didn't really get a chance to mess about with the grid wall and change things around til it looked right.
Having finally set up (in a fashion) we sat down waiting for the punters to arrive. But it was like a ghost town and remained that way all day. By 2pm the first stall started to pack away followed by several more. By 3pm i think the place was a third empty.
So we took that as our cue to get going as well. After all we had had only 1 sale of a dolls house duvet cover for £1! Never not covered our stall money before, it's a weird feeling.
I did manage to relieve the nice cake lady of 8 cakes at a bargain price of 50p each to take to work tomorrow!!
Plus treated myself to a facial mask from Just Soaps.
Below is a photo of today's stall.

Scrumptious beef chow mein for tea and i'm now looking longingly at the 3 presents sitting behind the sofa!
Not long now!!!