Friday, 2 April 2010

Cauliflower Cupcakes New Wreath

Havent been around much for a bit so having an evening catching up tonight. Have been reading all the blogs that i follow seeing what everyone is up to and came across this lovely wreath made from card i believe. You can read more about it here on cauliflower cupcakes blog. You will find some other lovely things she's made on there also so take a look.Am working most of the bank holiday weekend sadly (tho the money is nice) but am intending taking a trip to Sywell on Sunday to see Penine Fairs 1st craft fair of the year. We are booked with them in June and November but couldn't manage this one.
Am looking forward to catching up with all craft forum members nd will take photos and blog the event on sunday.
Our next event is April 18th . Will post details nearer the date.

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  1. Just blogged about my secret easter bunny pressie thank you it was beautiful! Elissa x