Friday, 23 April 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

I woke up quite inspired today. It was my day off, the sun was shining and my intention was to spring clean from top to bottom. This feeling only lasted an hour when the lure of the new sewing machine was far too strong to resist!!
I spent quite a while programming different stitch patterns, then giving them a run through to see which combinations work best. I don't usually delve that deep into new equipment but I am slowly working my way through the instruction manual so that i use my machine to it's full potential.
But there's only so much learning that one person can do in a day so eventually i turned my attention back to a teddy pattern that i had cut out about a month ago and finally put it together.
And below is the finished product. I was quite pleased with how it turned out and think i may make a couple more in different colours and am contemplating maybe filling them with a fragrance?
Please excuse the photo, i really must master the art of a good picture of the end product!!
Below are 2 photos of my various stitch patterns i attempted to master. My favourite combination is at the bottom of the 1st photo. The 2 stitches work well together.
I still need to practice the letters more and also learn the technique of applique.
I am used to guiding the material through the machine by hand but with this machine there is an automatic feed system so i struggled manoeuvring around the heart when trying to do applique.

Hopefully practice will make perfect


  1. I am very very impressed...I didn't realise you could do sooooo much with sewing machines these days! Think I might ask for one off Santa this year! Love the teddy and also very impressed that you made him using new equipment!


  2. I love the teddy, great fabric! It looks like you are going to have loads of fun with your new toy! x

  3. Ooooohhh - It's lovely just to "play"isn't it!