Sunday, 23 May 2010

Can i Introduce Diary of A Competitive Mum, And Other Ramblings

Once again i have had an absence from the blog. Apologies to all.
Life, at present, is manic with everything apart from crafts, which unfortunately are needing to take a back seat while other life issues are sorted.
My good news is that i am moving house in July and my new abode comes with a conservatory which i have lined up already as a sewing room. What a luxury not to have to spread out on the dining table anymore! And as soon as i am sorted i will definately start working on a website.
I finally plucked up courage to ask a florist to stock my wreaths but unfortunately i feel i was fobbed off with her reaction of "leave your number and i'll be intouch". But i wont give up and will try other shops.
So while my crafts and ventures are on the back burner i thought i might introduce you to my cousins blog.
I rarely get to see all my family very often, but on the odd occasion when we do meet up it's nice to catch up on what everyone is doing. This happened with my cousin at my nans funeral in November. We found a quiet spot for a chat and i explained all about my crafts and what i was doing and she explained how she wanted to write a book and was advised that the best thing to do was to start a blog. So she did.
I hadn't heard of blogs before so that night i sat down and read all of her posts and thought how well laid out they were, well written and interesting for all mums on a budget and an interest in creating something special.
So if you have time to pop along to The Diary Of A Competitive Mum please do and I hope you enjoy your visit.

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