Saturday, 1 May 2010

Minkys Magic Flower Brooches

Pink/Star Teddy
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I enjoy immensley being part of the community on the craft forum and last week i took great interest in a thread started by minky magic about flower brooches which had been made from a tutorial on folksy.
The brooches were lovely and you can see a photo of them here on vintage inspired lovelies blog. And if you fancy giving them a try then you can find the tutorial here on folksy.
So as i said i thought they were lovely and an idea came in my head to make a minature one and add to the 2nd teddy in my new collection.
And you will see the result in the photo on teddy's bow. I think it looks really effective.
Am now thinking of trying them on a wreath instead of my usual hearts.

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  1. Thanks for the little mention and link to my blog Lisa! I find it amazing how one idea can be interpreted in so many different ways! Love the idea of putting them on your wreaths, look forward to seeing the results. Cheers Marie x