Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A Masterpiece In The Toilet

At 17 i quit college as it didn't suit me and just by chance fell into a job that was to change my whole life.
In January 1986 i packed my bags and moved from Kent to Surrey to take up a full-time, living in position as a chambermaid in a beautiful hotel called Lythe Hill. I remember my dad being sooo disappointed that i had taken up "toilet cleaning" after having had a good education. Little did he know then that it would be the making of me as it led to me climbing the catering career ladder and loving the life it brought.
So anyway back to the toilets! Each day we would work in pairs to clean each room on our corridor. i took real pride in the bathrooms and i would polish the taps til they shone and the finishing touch was to fold the end of the toilet roll into a point.
So when i saw this piece of toilet roll artwork last night while on a blog crawl it took me back to those days and how i wish i had known how to do this then. Wouldn't the guests have been amazed!!

Today i demonstrated the art of "loo roll flower pot folding" to the cleaners where i work and they thought it was brill. If you fancy having a go follow this link to the tutorial and amaze your friends and family when they "spend a penny" at your house.

Many thanks to crafter-holic for discovering this tutorial and the many others that she features on her blog.

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